Who We Are

Picture of the Wellesley bell tower through the surrounding foliage.

Who We Are

The Office of Sustainability is located in the Trade Shops building at 300 Central Street. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest sustainability news, events, and announcements.

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    Cass Michaud

    Cass Michaud ’20 is one of our Eco-Rep interns. Cass is a Political Science and Classical Civilizations major whose sustainability interests lie in waste and water use. She loves to drink tea and hang out by Paramecium pond.

  • Jess Ostfeld

    Jess Ostfeld ’20, one of our Sustainable Office Certification interns! Jess is an Environmental Studies and Biological Sciences major passionate about climate change mitigation, renewable energy, and waste reduction. On campus she loves to bake chocolate beet cake, and her favorite spot is the bridge over lower Waban Brooke that leads to the President’s house. 

  • Liz Borecki

    Liz Borecki ‘21 is one of our Bike Share interns. Liz is a Computer Science major and Poetry minor with a passion for cycling and turning off lights. She is an avid member of the Whiptails and loves to play ultimate frisbee!

  • Shruti Samala

    Shruti Samala ‘21 is another on of our Sustainable Food Interns. Shruti is a Psychology and Environmental Studies major. Among her numerous sustainability interests are food justice, waste management, sustainable agriculture, consumerism, and sustainable fashion. Her favorite pastime at Wellesley is reading by Lake Waban.

  • Maya Collins

    Maya Collins ‘22 is our Marketing and Communications Intern. Maya is an Economics major interested in green energy solutions, wastewater treatment, and sustainable agriculture. When she’s not playing ultimate frisbee, find her reading a book in one of the Adirondack chairs around campus.

  • Anna Mervosh

    Anna Mervosh ‘22 is one of our Sustainable Food Interns. She is a Political Science major (with a possible Environmental Studies double major) and is earning the BOW Sustainability Certificate. As a dedicated foodie, she is passionate about bringing local, ethically-sourced, and healthy food to our community. She’s also very interested in public transportation systems, forest restoration, and policies targeting the use of plastics. Anna loves to walk around the lake after class and take an excessive number of sunset and cat pictures.

  • Chantal Valdivia

    Chantal Valdivia ‘22 is also a Bike Share Intern. Chantal is a Cognitive Science major (with a potential addition of Education), interested in sustainable transportation and urban planning. Her favorite Wellesley pastime is waiting for Graham Central Station to arrive at any of the dining halls.

  • Aadya Varma

    Aadya Varma ‘22 is one of our Eco-Rep interns. Aadya is an Economics major and Statistics minor who is passionate about composting and reusable materials. She is a coffee addict, and her favorite pastime is soaking up the sun on the lawns in the quad while sipping on iced lattes!


  • Maria Zapata

    Maria Zapata ‘22 is another one of our Bike Share interns. Maria is an Economics major interested in moving Wellesley toward a more sustainable future. Catch her doing work in one of the big orange chairs in Clapp looking outward toward Lake Waban.


Contact: Office of Sustainability | 300 Central Street, Wellesley, MA 02482 | sustainability@wellesley.edu | 781-283-2755