Benefits Portal for New and Existing Employees

Project Proposal:

You will remember beginning your career at Wellesley and the gauntlet of forms and information you needed to provide. 

LTS is partnering with Human Resources to improve how we introduce new employees to the college — in essence, to exchange information from both sides in a clear, efficient, and friendly way. The goal is to create an easily understood method of gathering all the necessary information about new hires, as well as guide new hires to the most relevant resources early in their career at Wellesley. Rather than ask for your name and address repeatedly, for example, this information will be stored once and reused. It will also be clear what information a new employee needs to provide, and by when. They will use this online system to elect the benefits, provide dependent and beneficiary information.

We believe this project will bring together currently scattered information in one convenient location, making the process much more transparent and easy to access. Our goal is to use the new benefits portal for open enrollment in November 2013. 


Completed <November 2013>:

We created a guided experience through Wellesley's benefits choices that will be used by new employees when they are hired and by all employees during open enrollment or during life events that necessitate a change in benefits elections. You are also able to view your selections during the year. 


Project Sponsor: Human Resources

LTS Contact: Veronica Brandstrader