Help others pronounce your name correctly: A Name Recording App


Project Proposal:

Some names can be deceptively simple yet are frequently mispronounced, to the chagrin of both parties. Knowing how to say someone’s name correctly eliminates hesitancy to use another person’s name and fosters a sense of belonging and participation in our community.


Completed <December 2013>:

In 2011, LTS created an app that allowed students to record their names, helping to ensure correct pronunciation during Commencement. Collecting student names earlier will allow them to be added to class lists. We’ve taken the same idea, and created an app for faculty and staff to use as well. The recording can then be added to the directory and to profiles on the college website, again ensuring that names are pronounced correctly.

The app can be found in MyWellesley > Employment Services > Administrivia. To record your name, you will need a computer with a microphone (usually built-in) and Flash enabled. The Computing Help Desk will be happy to help you.


Project Sponsors: Office of the Provost

LTS Contact: Veronica Brandstrader