Increasing the Use of Preferred Names on Campus


Project Proposal:

For many users, their official first name is not the name they commonly go by. Using preferred names on campus, when possible, provides a better sense of community and recognizes and respects users’ preferences. 


In Progress <December 2014>:

Completed: The Library system now uses preferred name on library records in place of official first name. This change will automatically apply to our NExpress and WorldCat Local borrowing partners. ILLiad requires patrons to set up their own accounts at which time they can specify their preferred name.

Completed: The Google Directory now uses the preferred name as the default when looking up a user in a To: field. Other names, as part of email aliases, will still appear. 

The APT committee will help prioritize the order in which applications on campus that currently use the official first name should be switched to preferred name.


Project Sponsor: Administrative Priorities for Technology Committee

LTS Contact: Ravi Ravishanker