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Moving to Workday from Banner

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Project Proposal:

The College has made the decision to move to Workday, a new, modern administrative system that promises to provide functionality that will benefit the Wellesley community. This will replace Banner and several other systems that we currently use. The project will be done in different phases and we expect to transfer the reliance on Banner for most of our work by June 2019. The current systems in use, such as Banner, do not provide all the functionality that we need in order to introduce administrative efficiencies and ease of use. We believe that a modern system such as Workday will provide a consistent and easy to use environment while providing some of the much needed technologies to satisfy the needs of the community. 


In Progress <March 2016>:

  • Begin the HR implementation in March.
  • For an initial period, this will require Finance department to be involved.
  • Complete HR implementation and go live on January 1, 2017.
  • Continue Finance implementation and go live on July 1 2017.
  • Begin Student implementation in January 2018 and go live on July 1, 2019.

Learn more about the Workday project; visit our internal Workday site.


Project Sponsor: Library & Technology Services

LTS Contact: Veronica Brandstrader