TeamViewer Remote Support

TeamViewer Remote Support

TeamViewer is remote access software used by the Computing Help Desk and Library & Technology Services staff.

For the Help Desk and LTS staff to access a computer using TeamViewer, the person requesting remote support must first launch the application, then give the ID and Password to the Help Desk or LTS staff. 

The person whose computer is being remotely accessed will be able to see everything the Help Desk or LTS staff is doing on their computer, and will still maintain control of their mouse and keyboard.

LTS staff and the Help Desk will only use TeamViewer while a phone call is in progress with the person requesting help.  They will explain everything they are doing, and they will close the TeamViewer session before ending the phone call. 

All College-owned computers should have TeamViewer, though it could be an outdated version.  Computers that are not imaged or have an incompatible version can