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Related Courses for Credit toward the Major

Courses with an asterisk (*) also require the permission of the instructor if the course is to be counted for Middle Eastern Studies.

ANTH 344 The Middle East: Anthropological Perspectives

ARTH 202 Byzantine Art and Architecture
ARTH 203 Near Eastern Art and Architecture
ARTH 227 Islamic Architecture in the Age of the Caliphates
ARTH 241 Egyptian Art and Archaeology
ARTH 247 Islamic Art and Architecture
ARTH 267 Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Medieval Mediterranean
ARTH 344 Seminar. Topics in Islamic Art

CLCV 240/REL 240 Romans, Jews, and Christians in the Roman Empire

HEBR 201-202 Intermediate Hebrew

HIST 115 Fist-year seminar: Routes of Exile-Jews and Muslims
HIST 219 The Jews of Spain and the Lands of Islam
HIST 284 The Middle East in Modern History
HIST 290 Morocco: History and Culture (Wintersession in Morocco)
HIST 293 Changing Gender Constructions in the Modern Middle East
HIST 396 Port Cities of the Indian Ocean

POL2 217 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
POL2 358 Political Conflict in the Middle East
POL2 301S Seminar. Gender, Islam and Politics
POL4 346 Comparative Political Theory: Encountering Islamist Political Thought

REL 104 Study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
REL 105 Study of the New Testament
REL 106 Children of Abraham
REL 109 Religions of the Silk Road
REL 240 /CLCV 240 Romans, Jews, and Christians in the Roman Empire
REL 243 Women in the Biblical World
REL 244 Jerusalem: The Holy City
REL 260 Islamic/ate Civilizations
REL 261 Cities of the Islamic World
REL 262 The Formation of the Islamic Tradition
REL 263 Islam in the Modern World
REL 269 Religion and Culture in Iran
REL 342 Seminar. Archaeology of the Biblical World
REL 361 Seminar. Studying Islam and the Middle East
REL 364 Seminar. Sufism: Islamic Mysticism
REL 367 Seminar. Muslim Travelers
REL 368 Seminar. Topics in the Study of Islam and Islamic History.

SPAN 252* Christians, Jews, and Moslems: The Spirit of Spain in Its Literature

WGST 299 Sexuality in Muslim & Arab Worlds