The Newhouse Center for the Humanities hosts ten to twelve resident fellows each year. Resident fellows devote themselves primarily to their own research but also participate actively in the intellectual life of the institution: developing programming, meeting at weekly luncheons and salons, sharing their work in progress with one another and with the larger Wellesley community.

Newhouse Faculty Fellows may work with the Director to design a program in which they present their research to the larger community while in residence. This could be a short lecture series, interdisciplinary panel, mini-conference, or other event.

For more information on how to apply to become a Newhouse Fellow, please click here.

Visiting Artists
The goal of the Artist in Residence Program is to integrate the arts throughout the liberal arts curriculum, to help foster and develop strong alliances and partnerships between those individual and institutions devoted to the practice of art (e.g., Davis Museum, Music and Art departments, CAMS and Theatre Studies programs) and the rest of the college.

Resident Fellows
The Newhouse Center welcomes applications from faculty in the humanities at all levels for year-long residencies.

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows are members of the Newhouse Center each year. They are selected through academic departments in consultation with the Newhouse Center.

Junior Fellowships are awarded to advanced Wellesley students (juniors and seniors) pursuing projects related to the humanities.


Past Fellow Programming
The Cold War Culture Series: Curated by Duncan White
Pauline Oliveros Workshop and Performance: Curated by Marié Abe
The Dignity of Labor Series: Curated by Robert Sobak
Russian American Writers: Contributor, Anna Katsnelson
Everyday Totalitarianism Symposium: Conveners Anna Katsnelson and Alessio Ponzio
Music and Politics: Curated by Shane Greene
The Space of Emotion Series: Curated by Ling Hon Lam and Susan Lanzoni
The Place of Death Series: Curated by Micki McElya
Proust and Philosophy: Conference moderated by Laura Quinney
Exploring Sound Series: Contributor, Alex Rehding
Museum Series: Contributor, Caroline Jones
New Directions in Documentary Film: Contributor, Maria San Filippo