The Petition Process

After submitting a Proposal to Study Away, one of the following petitions will be added to your Proposal (if applicable):

  • Petition to Study Away on a Non-approved Program
  • Petition to Study in Two Destinations in One Academic Year (the petition will be attached to your spring Proposal)
  • Petition for an Exemption to the Language Policy
  • Petition to Study in a Country with a Travel Warning

Petitions are due on February 1 for the following academic year.


You will need the endorsement of your major advisor, and of the relevant language department chair if your program is taught in a foreign language destination (except Spanish). Those endorsements are due February 8. Your professor will be notified via email once you enter your professor's email address into the petition. They will be instructed to log into the study abroad application and enter their endorsement.

Petitions are reviewed by the International Study Committee. For ISC meeting dates, please contact the OIS.