Info for Non-Wellesley students

Memo for students from off campus

As a participant in the Wellesley-in-Aix program you will be considered a Wellesley College student during your semester(s) in the program.  You will be issued a Wellesley ID number, an email address, and will be billed through Wellesley's e-bill system.

After you have confirmed your place with your participation by signing the acceptance letter and sending your deposit, you will be assigned a Banner ID number by Wellesley's Registrar's Office and automatically enrolled in Wellesley's billing system.  You will receive an email from Wellesley's Library & Technology Services department explaining how to access your Wellesley e-mail account, and all invoices will be sent to your Wellesley e-mail address.
Approximately one month prior to the payment deadline, (early July for the fall and early January for the spring) we will email your initial invoice/e-bill to you, your parent(s), and if applicable the person at your home institution responsible for arranging payment for all or part of your bill.   You are expected to pay this bill in full by the payment deadline or you will be charged a late fee. If you can not pay the bill in full until financial aid funds are available you MUST contact the Student Accounts Office at Wellesley and inform them when your aid will be available and when you will pay your bill in full. The e-bill system will automatically email you every month that a balance remains on your account. Remember that these emails will go to your Wellesley e-mail address, so if you do not plan on checking this email you MUST sign into the e-bill system and change your email address. 
In addition to the comprehensive fee you will be automatically charged (per Massachusetts law) for the Wellesley College Health Insurance.  You may waive this insurance if you already have insurance that will cover you abroad by going to the University Health Plans website. You will need your Wellesley College e-mail address and Banner ID number in order to do so and will not be able to waive the insurance until after you have received your first e-bill.