Opportunities 2015-16

Past Opportunities Through the Quantitative Analysis Institute

Below is a list of past opportunities through the QAI. For current positions, please click here. To apply for opportunities or express interest in these positions, please click here. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. For any questions, please contact Casey Pattanayak at cpattanayak@wellesley.edu.


For this first set of positions, preference to those who have completed QR 260 or the QAI Summer Course, or other post-introductory data analysis course (such as QR 309/ECON 309/SOC 319, or ECON 203)


Summer Intern for the Quantitative Analysis Institute: This is a full-time, 10-week position supporting all of the activities of the QAI, including the QAI Summer Course, online resources, and statistical consulting. Please apply even if you are graduating this year. Preference for an intern who has taken either the QAI Summer Course, QR 260, or QR 309.


R Tutor: Provide support for students taking various courses on campus that require R. Particular need for help with a political science course, but no political science background required. 4 hours/week.


Research Assistant for project focused on social networks in a French novel (with the QAI, Helene Bilis, French Department, and Jen Bartle, Digital Scholarship Initiatives): French skills not necessary, but let us know if you do have an interest in French literature. Requires computing skills in R, python, or another software, but no particular course background.


Research Assistant for Betsy Knapp '64, trustee of the College, who has been collecting weather station data across her property in consultation with our Botanic Gardens and is looking for a student to help her make sense of it. This could be semester work or potentially for the summer or beyond - please apply to begin the conversation.


Research Assistant for legal experiment (possible joint position with QAI and Harvard Law School). If this RA position becomes available, it would involve preparing data and completing data collection for an experiment evaluating the effects of legal aid. Attention to detail required. Non-seniors only.


Guthman Fellow in Statistical Consulting: Guthman Fellows are a key part of the QAI’s statistical consulting practice, supporting projects and providing advice to faculty and students on research projects across campus. Fellows work with Casey Pattanayak (QAI Director) to prepare for consulting meetings; participate in these meetings; and conduct follow-up work with researchers. As appropriate, Guthman Fellows meet with student researchers on their own to provide statistical support. Students in these positions will be exposed to a variety of statistical techniques and their practical applications - this is an apprenticeship in statistics, particularly recommended for students wondering what it’s like to be a statistician. 5 hours/week.


Research Assistant for QAI Director’s projects: Ongoing statistics research projects include:

  • A randomized evaluation of a voter engagement program in Ohio
  • An observational comparison of treatments for pre-anorexia where patients were allowed to choose their own treatment groups
  • A randomized comparison of single-sex v. coed elementary school classrooms
  • A study of best practices for determining sample size in prospective studies that are causal but not randomized
  • Methods for estimating causal effects in the presence of blocks or strata

5 hours/week or to be discussed.


Research Assistant for projects outside the QAI: The QAI is frequently asked to recommend student research assistants who know how to work with data. These positions include:

  • A study of sperm, egg, and embryo donation in Spain (with Rosanna Hertz, Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology)
  • Analyses of surveys on Wellesley’s shadow grading (with Lee Cuba, Sociology)
  • Text analysis of the novel Never Let Me Go, by Ishiguro (with Tavi Gonzalez, English)
  • Text analysis of French plays (with Helene Bilis, French)

Please let us know if you are interested in one of these two projects or would like to hear about future requests for other projects.


Teaching Assistant for QR 260 or ECON 309/QR 309/SOC 319: Includes attending labs, holding office hours, and grading.


Teaching Assistant for blended or online program taught through the QAI: Our expanding online resources allow us to offer statistics material to students during the winter and summer. Teaching assistants hold office hours, moderate discussions, and provide feedback to students. This work may take place completely online and off campus, or (especially in the summer) may be both in person and online.


Tutor for statistics across campus: Provide support for students taking various courses on campus that require statistics, data analysis, or statistical software such as R, Stata, and SPSS (you don’t need to know all three).
Hours based on requests from students.


For this second set of positions, preference to those who have had some data analysis coursework, such as QR 260, the QAI Summer Course, QR 170, the QAI wintersession pilot course, or any intro stats (including ECON 103, PSYC 205, MATH 101, BISC 198, AP Stats), or taking QR 260 this fall


Course Development Assistant for potential WellesleyX-HarvardX online course: Wellesley and Harvard are jointly proposing an online statistical literacy course called, “Real-Life Statistics: Your Chance for Happiness (Or Misery),” taught by Casey Pattanayak and Xiao-Li Meng of Harvard. If the proposal is approved, student assistants will be needed to help create and test the material.


Blended Learning Assistant for QAI: The QAI is continuing to expand its online resources. This position involves finding and creating pedagogical examples, recording screen-captures, editing video, creating online questions and more.


Course Development Assistant for Wellesley’s personal finance MOOC: Wellesley is creating a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) based on Ann Witte’s personal finance course. Students are needed to help build and manage the course. Requires general quantitative skills and good work habits; economics coursework a plus.


Qualitative Research Assistant for study of egg/sperm/embryo donation: Rosanna Hertz (Women’s and Gender Studies/Sociology) is looking for an assistant to learn a qualitative research software and code interviews. This is an opportunity to learn about analyzing qualitative data.


Guthman Fellow in Text Analysis and Visualization: This position involves creating visualizations based on an existing data set that describes interactions between characters in a French novel. The goal is to create pedagogical material for French 278, a course taught by Prof. Hélène Bilis this semester, working also with Jen Bartle (LTS) as part of the Digital Humanities Initiatives. The student in this position will have the opportunity to learn about interactive graphics, think creatively about how to design visualizations, and act as the statistical expert in a collaboration with humanists. No knowledge of French needed. Requires QR 260, QAI summer course, QR 309, or a CS visualization course completed. This student reports primarily to Hélène Bilis. Approximately 5 hours/week.


Research Assistant for Russian Survey Data Analysis: This RA will work with Prof. Alla Epsteyn (Russian) to analyze the results of a survey on how students engage in language-related extra-curricular activities. This is an opportunity to be the lead data analyst on a project with clear impact on the undergraduate experience. No knowledge of Russian required. Ideally QR 260, QAI summer course, QR 309, or Econ 203 completed; an intro stats course such as Econ 103 or Psych 205 may be sufficient. This student reports primarily to Alla Epsteyn. Hours to be discussed.