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Latest News:

Returning Student Housing Selection: 

  • Themed Housing Room Selection: May 31st
  • RA & ASC Room Selection: May 31st
  • Housing Accommodations Room Selection: June 2nd
  • General Room Selection: June 7, 8, & 9
    • Rising Seniors: June 7th
    • Rising Juniors: June 8th
    • Rising Sophomores: June 9th

NEW Student Housing Selection: 

  • First year students at Wellesley are assigned a room based on the information a student provides in the housing application form. This form asks questions about what matters to the student in their living space.  Our housing system applies an algorithm to match students based on compatibility factors that align with the principles of our residential curriculum.
  •  First Year students are welcomed, though not expected to form a roommate group in the portal.  Many students ask us what the best practice is for roommate formation. The decision to form a roommate group or not is personal.  We have heard many inspiring stories from students who meet kindred spirits for the first time through our system so yes, we do encourage students to use the housing system in their first year.
  • At Wellesley, first year students are assigned into rooms with other groups of first year students across all of the residential halls.  There is no dedicated first year residence hall at Wellesley.  Rather, we encourage first years and upperclass students to learn and grow from one another through the unique lenses that they hold.  
  • Once assignments are made, students will be able to check those assignments on the housing portal.
  • Students who request a medical accommodation for housing will work directly with the Accessibility and Disability Office (ADR).  Spaces will be held for students with accommodations during the first year assignments process. 


Please email with questions as it is the fastest way to reach us. If you are on Facebook, be sure to follow us at WCResLife and on Instagram at @wellesleyreslife. 

Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life is committed to the creation of holistic, inclusive, and collaborative communities. We help students navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise from community living by establishing a dialogue between students and the Wellesley Res Life team.

Our office provides students with information about residence halls, assists in students' transition to college, and promotes residential programming. The professional staff are on campus with open doors to answer any questions or resolve concerns.