Summer Session

This program is open to undergraduates, postgraduates, and high school juniors and seniors in good academic standing.

It offers a range of courses drawn from the Wellesley College curriculum and taught by Wellesley faculty. College students and college graduates may opt to live in the Summer Session residence hall or off campus. Housing is not available for high school students or students who have finished high school in the year immediately preceding their enrollment in Wellesley Summer Session. Tuition and other fees for Summer Sesson are not included in the regular-year tuition for Wellesley College students. Wellesley College students may apply for limited financial aid from the Summer Session Office; no financial aid is available to non-Wellesley students.

Wellesley Summer Session courses carry full academic course credit; they count as regular units for Wellesley students and are included on the student’s transcript in the calculation of the student’s grade point average; they do not count toward the limit of four summer school units that Wellesley students can apply to their degrees. For more information please visit the Summer Session website here