Consults and Program Requests

Do you have questions about wellness?

Would you like to connect with a professional in the Office of Student Wellness (OSW) to discuss your sleep habits, nutrition planning, or stress management? 

We have two options to help support you! 


Individual Consultations:

  • Consultations are one-on-one meetings with an OSW staff member.

  • Consultations are focused on connecting you to skills and resources and are approximately 15-20 minutes in length.

  • While these meetings may be therapeutic, they are not therapy.

Group Programs:

  • If you'd prefer to meet as a group for a program that is a little more in-depth (approximately 30-45 minutes), you can express interest in joining individually to meet new people, or you can identify blockmates, teammates, or friends who would like to join together!

  • Programs explore different wellness subjects and are great to discuss ideas and learn from one another.

Please note:

  • Staff members in OSW are not confidential resources. 

  • At this time, all consultations and programs are virtual.


Fill out this form to indicate your interest in either/both an individual consultation or group program!