For more resources, check out our free nutrition library in the Office of Student Wellness!

Cooking Guides

Don't know where to begin in the kitchen? Need a little help with some of the basics or working within a budget? These free digital download cookbooks help you navigate the kitchen!

Dining Hall Food + Nutrition

Do you have questions or concerns about dining hall food (e.g. availability, choice, labeling, allergens, other)?

Individual Education/Counseling Services with a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist

Are you interested in learning more about individual nutrition education or counseling services? Barbara Southcote, Nutrition Coach, is a Registered-Dietitian Nutritionist and has been with the College since January 2016 as part of the Health Services team. Using an evidence based approach, she teaches students the value and skill of flexible eating. Barbara celebrates body diversity and talks about health and well-being through the lens of each student’s experiences. Her goal is for all students to feel empowered on their unique journey of greater well-being.

  • Make an appointment by calling Health Services at 781-283-2810
    • There is no cost to Wellesley College Students
    • All visits are confidential 
    • Offered every Wednesday between 12-5pm
  • Individual appointments are for students who are:
    • Managing nutrition-related diseases/heath problems such as IBS, Diabetes, PCOS
    • Refueling for optimal sport performance
    • Managing weight or body image concerns
    • Normalizing disordered eating behaviors