Not Your Average Marathon Monday Virtual 5K

Not Your Average Marathon Monday Virtual 5K

Not Your Average Marathon Monday Virtual 5K

The Boston Marathon won’t take place this Patriot’s Day weekend but together Boston College Recreation & Wellesley Recreation challenge our students, faculty, staff and alum to walk or run together virtually in our Not Your Average Marathon Monday Virtual 5K! We know we can’t replicate the scream tunnel or the electric feeling of cheering on runners from all over the world but we hope that we can connect our two institutions and generations of Marathon Monday runners and fans through virtual fitness. 

THANK YOU to all who joined us near and far! 

Top Finners & Results

Student Top 5 Finishers

Justin Hoolahan Boston College 21:11 6:49

Sagenay Dubois Boston College 21:48 7:01

Isabelle Luke Boston College 23:49 7:40

Danika Lee Heaney (Soccer Player!!!) Wellesley College 24:42:00 7:57

Michael Duffy Boston College 24:58:00 8:02


Fac/Staff Top 5 Finishers

Daniel Brabander, Frost Professor in Environmental Science and Professor of  Geosciences Wellesley College 22:57 7:23

Keira Bunn, Director of Marketing Communications Wellesley College 23:49 7:40

Megan Kerr, Professor of Mathematics Wellesley College 24:32:00 7:54

Jackie Matthes, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Wellesley College 25:10:00 8:06

Ryan Mulderrig Boston College 25:57:00 8:21


Alum Top 5 Finishers

Caroline Dodge Wellesley College 20:25 6:34

Elizabeth Shirey Wellesley College 23:13 7:28

Janet Lennon-Jones  Wellesley College 23:03 7:44

Tracy White             Wellesley College 26:24:00 8:30

Christine Kinlock Wellesley College 26:32:00 8:32

All results and finish times can be found on Race Entry click the 'Results'. 

Get Social! 
We’d love for you to share a picture of yourself participating! Tag @wellesleyrecreation on Instagram or @wellesleyrec on Facebook or Twitter and you could be featured.

If you are interested in a race t-shirt to remember your experience, click this link to purchase your own Not Your Average Marathon Monday t-shirt. Wellesley Rec will purchase a t-shirt for the first 25 students who register to participate in this fun event so don't hesitate to sign up!! 

Be Safe
How can you stay safe while on a run?

  • Let someone know where you’re going before you take off. 

  • Carry identification. 

  • Bring a running buddy. 

  • Light up your running outfit. 

  • Run against traffic, look both ways before crossing a street, and stay on the sidewalk whenever possible. 

  • If you listen to music while you run, keep the volume at a level where you're still alert of your surroundings

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Wondering how to track your distance and time? App suggestions: MapMyRun or Strava.