Physical Education, Recreation, & Athletics

Academic Department Introduction

The Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics develops students’ skills and knowledge in physical activities. All students must earn at least eight physical education credits. These can be earned through classes, varsity athletics, or recreational club teams. Wellesley is home to 13 NCAA Division III intercollegiate varsity teams, eight club teams, and an outstanding array of athletic facilities.

Learning goals

  • Build fundamental motor skills.

  • Learn methods for improving flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

  • Develop strategies for fitness-related self-assessment and goal-setting.

  • Recognize the positive impact regular physical activity has on mood and academic performance.

  • Adapt to challenging situations as a result of exposure to risk-taking opportunities.

Places and spaces

  • Nannerl O. Keohane Sports Center (KSC)

    Named for former Wellesley president Nannerl Keohane ’61, the KSC is the focal point for recreation and fitness at Wellesley College. The KSC is home to the Athletic Training Room, Chandler Pool, Dorothy Towne Fieldhouse, Fitness Center, Varsity Weight Room, and the Wellesley Athletics Hall of Fame.

Course Highlights

  • Descended from the ancient tradition of dramatic storytelling in India, kathak is a classical performing art that combines dance, drama, music, and rhythm. 21st century kathak is innovative and contemporary, while remaining deeply rooted in the cultural heritage, traditions and philosophies that are its foundation. It is characterized by intricate footwork, refined gestures, elegant stances, swift spins, improvisation, and rhythmic intensity—along with both subtle and dramatic facial expression. Kathak has gained global popularity and can be found worldwide, with practitioners of all ages, nationalities and ethnicities.
  • This course teaches students the practice of mindfulness. Through guided meditative exercises, students will improve their abilities to relax, refresh, and focus the mind and body. Upon completion of the course, which includes short independent daily exercises, and maintaining a journal, students will be able to effectively integrate mindfulness into their lives.

Physical Education, Recreation, & Athletics

Keohane Sports Center
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
Bethany Ellis
Program Director