Kimberly Gunn ('90)

Kimberly Gunn ('90)

1. Please tell us a little about yourself!

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in New Rochelle, New York and I graduated from Wellesley in 1990. I still remember Barbara Bush speaking at my commencement! I went on to get a MA in Chinese Languages and Literature from the University of Texas at Austin. 

I currently live in California with my partner, Garland Thompson.

Aside from Chinese related activities, I love to sing and play bass guitar.

2. Why did you decide to become a Chinese Studies major? How did it shape your experience at Wellesley?

During my freshman year, a good friend at Wellesley recommended that I study Chinese and I thought it was an interesting idea! Funny thing is I had planned on Biology as a major. I went to the Chinese Department to meet with the faculty and knew it was the place for me! The staff was welcoming and warm and I decided to pursue it. I minored in Political Science.

Studying Chinese really opened me up to new experiences and new people. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Harbin, China for a semester abroad during my junior year and loved it. I have travelled throughout China and that really helped with my language skills and furthering my understanding of the culture.

My studies have broadened my appreciation for higher education. the discipline that is often required to study such a difficult language and the hard work that I put in at Wellesley has really been a benefit to my personal and professional life. 

3. What are you doing now?

Since 2006, I have been living out my dream of teaching Chinese language and culture classes. More Mandarin speakers are needed and I am so happy to be able to use my skills and experiences in positive and meaningful ways. I have held positions in Human Resources, Corporate Training and Recruitment. I plan to start a Consulting practice.

4. How has your Wellesley experience and your major influenced your life/career after college?

My experiences at Wellesley and my time spent there have shaped my life in extremely positive ways. I am so grateful to have been a member of a supportive, engaging and academically dynamic community. I loved my time there. I met wonderful students and professors from all around the world. 

My experiences taught me the values of honor and service and working towards making a positive impact on our communities at large. I have drawn on Wellesley’s honor code to make all kinds choices in my life. Wellesley was and is a very special place.

I really want to thank the Wellesley community, the Chinese Department, friends, colleagues and loved ones who made my time there an integral part of my life and helped me create wonderful and cherished memories.

I encourage fellow students to follow their dreams, study hard and strive to make positive contributions to their communities.