Japanese Alumnae Corner

Japanese Alumnae Digital Museum

The idea for a ‘digital museum’ of Japanese alumnae at Wellesley came into being when Marcia Ishizuka '81, then the head of the Tokyo-Wellesley Club, announced that she had bags of historical club material in a closet, dating back to before World War II. Entrusting the materials to the department chair who carried them home in a suitcase, an enterprising and web-savvy student named Mika Morikawa ‘17 offered to put the materials on line in the form of a ‘digital museum.’ In addition to materials from the Tokyo-Wellesley Club, Mika did additional work in library archives on campus and traveled to Japan to interview a few of the elderly alumnae (with the generous support of the Hope Anderson ‘81 Fund). Joined in her labors by her classmate, Sophia Vale ‘17, and by Maggie Jennings '18 and Emma Duncan '19, the digital museum gradually grew into what you see here today. Thanks to Shane Cox ’18 for technical assistance. Please contact Eve Zimmerman, ezimmerm@wellesley.edu, with any suggestions and/or corrections. Thank you.

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