The Wellesley College Diploma

The Wellesley College Diploma is presented to graduates after the Commencement ceremonies. It is printed in Latin, as the original diplomas were in 1875. The English translation is included below.

The diploma measures a standard diploma size of 8" x 10". 

Ordering a Replacement Diploma

In the event of loss, damage, or legal name change graduates may order a replacement diploma through our website. Diploma orders require 4-6 weeks for processing. The replacement diploma fee is $75.00. Please note that diplomas are only released once all financial obligations to the College have been met.

Diploma Translation

The following is a Latin-to-English translation of the Wellesley College diploma. We recommend Google Translate for translations into other languages.

The President and Trustees of Wellesley College send greetings to all whom these words reach.  
In accordance with her merits we admit _______________ to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and we award her and grant her the rights and privileges that accompany this degree. In testimony of this action, with this diploma authorized by the seal of the College, on the _____ day of the _____ month in the _____ year of our Lord, we by the authority granted to us have signed our names below.
_______________________           ____________________________
President of the College               Chairman of the Board of Trustees
You can also print out this official translation on letterhead.


Follow the link to Validate an eDiploma.