For Faculty & Staff

Resources & Links for Faculty & Staff

Class Lists

Faculty can check their Class Lists online via Workday (in real time):

Instructor Portlet > My Classlists (right side menu) > My Assigned Course Sections (select Term) > Select Course

As well as via the MyWellesley Portal (30 minute delay)

Administrivia > Especially for Faculty > Class Lists

Chairs and Administrative Assistants can access Class Lists for all courses in the Department via:

MyWellesley Portal > Administrivia > Especially for Faculty > Class Lists

Classroom Assignments and Details

Faculty can refer to the Course Browser to check their classroom assignments and 25Live for details about the classroom layout and technology. Refer to the FAQs for more information.

Classroom Change Requests

If the assigned classroom does not accommodate the needs of the faculty, they may request a classroom change:

MyWellesley > Administrivia > Especially for Faculty > Class Lists > Classroom Change Request Form

The Classroom Occupancy Report displays the course schedule for each individual classroom on campus for the current or upcoming semester, and is a useful tool for faculty who wish to switch their current classroom assignment to an available room that suits their needs better. Refer to the FAQs for more information.

Booking a classroom for Make Up Classes, Office Hours, and other Course Related Events

Rooms can be booked through 25Live (documentation)

Classroom Technology Emergency

Please call the HelpDesk (x4357)

Curriculum & Course Information

The Catalog lists all courses approved by the Curriculum Committee for the current academic year and which terms they are being offered. This online version is searchable by department/subject, distribution requirement, and a number of other criteria.

Catalogs from prior years are available from the Internet Archive or the Wellesley College Digital Scholarship and Archive page.

Refer to the Course Browser to check schedules, instructors and classroom locations by term. The list can be filtered by department, subject, schedule days and times, distribution requirements, as well as other criteria. Additional information includes prerequisite notes, and whether or not the course has reserved seats or a Waitlist.

New Course Proposals

Faculty who wish to propose a brand new course, or a significant revision to the course content of an existing course must fill out a New Course Form, available online via

MyWellesley > Administrivia > Especially for Faculty > Catalog - New Course Form

Faculty Course Preferences

The Registrar's Office uses an online application during a portion of the Course Scheduling Process for each Fall and Spring term to collect input from faculty about their Course Preferences.

Course preferences are used to inform the classroom assignments process as well as to set courses up with appropriate registration controls ahead of registration period.

For Department Chairs and Academic Administrators
Final Exams

The Registrar's Office coordinates Fixed Exams and Self-Scheduled Exams during Finals Period each Fall and Spring term. Faculty are asked for their Exam Preferences at the beginning of each term.

Check our website for lists of courses with Fixed or Self-Scheduled Exams, exam pickup dates, times and locations. Please email if you missed the opportunity to fill out your Exam Preferences.

For Department Chairs and Academic Administrators

The registrar's Office will coordinate the dropping off of exam materials (labels and envelopes) to Academic Departments in the week before Exam Period, as well as the pick up of the prepared exam materials from Departments on the morning of the last day of Reading Period.

Grades & Grading Policies

Faculty should familiarize themselves with the College's Grading Policy and Grade System, and the Shadow Grading Policy which affects first-year students in their first semester.

How to's:

Registration, Waitlists & Permission of the Instructor Required
Registration Dates

Guide to Waitlist & Permission of Instructor Required Options

NEW: Beginning with Fall 2020, we will be using Workday Waitlists.

Please refer to this guide to Workday Waitlists and Permission of Instructor - it outlines how each functions, when the two can be used in tandem and when they are mutually exclusive, and includes recommendations for when certain options are most appropriate.


Student Evaluation Questionnaires (SEQs)

Students are required to submit Student Evaluation Questionnaires (SEQs) anonymously at the end of each semester to evaluate their experiences in the courses they've taken. Faculty have access to these evaluations. Follow the link for more information.

Student Prizes for Publication

(for Academic Administrators and Chairs)

Please refer to the communication about Spring 2021 Student Prizes for information about how to submit the recipient(s) of all prizes awarded through your department or program including seniors and non-seniors. Submit one entry for each student and prize. If you need any assistance please contact the Registrar's Office ( deadline to submit senior prize information is Friday, April 30, 2021 at 4:00 PM.

Non-Senior Prizes are published in the Fall 2021 Convocation Program.


Thesis Process | Departmental Honors | Fellowship Applications

Check our website for Departmental Honors and Thesis Process information and timeline as well as information and deadlines for the Levitt and Schiff Fellowships.

Transfer of Credit Review & Approval

Each Academic Department has at least one faculty member responsible for reviewing Transfer of Credit requests submitted by students for courses they have taken or plan to take at other institutions.

Students may request a course to count towards college credit only, or towards a Major/Minor or Degree Requirement. They are advised to submit forms and get them reviewed before they register for their courses, if possible.

Faculty should review the Transfer of Credit Guidelines as well as the Transfer of Credit documentation on how to review requests and make sure they check their Queues regularly for new forms.

Departments need to inform Registrar staff when the faculty responsible for reviewing Transfer of Credit requests changes by emailing