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Class Lists
Class lists are available online at MyWellesley > Administrivia > Especially for Faculty > Class Lists


Classroom Assignments - check the Course Browser for classroom assignments and 25Live for details of classroom layout and technology.  
If your assigned classroom does not accommodate your needs, request a classroom change:
Classroom Occupancy Report - this tool displays the course schedule for each classroom on campus for the current or upcoming semester.
25Live - booking space for course-related events (extra class meetings, review sessions, make-up exams, etc.) - documentation.

Course Browser

Course Browser, search for classes by term, department and/or subject, meeting days, distributions.  Course information includes schedule and classroom locations, descriptions, prerequisites, notes, alt Wednesday dates, and whether or not the course has a Waitlist.


New Course Form is available online at MyWellesley > Administrivia > Especially for Faculty > Catalog-New Course Form
Online Course Catalog - is fully searchable.
Curriculum and Schedule Management - All curriculum and schedule tools are available through MyWellesley. More information here.

Final Exams

Exams - the self-scheduled examination schedule and information on rooms and times for fixed exams.



Instructions for Online Grading

For Faculty Major/Minor Advisors

Registration 2017-2018

Fall 2017
Initial Registration - April 19-21, 8am-11pm
Add/Drop opens - Tuesday, Sept 5st @ 8am
Add deadline - Friday, Sept 15th @ 11pm
Drop deadline - Friday, Sept 29th @11pm
Credit/non deadline - Friday, Sept 29th @11pm
Withdraw (WDR) deadline - Tuesday, Dec 12th @ 4:30pm
Spring 2018
Initial Registration - Nov 7-10, 8am-11pm
Add/Drop opens - Monday, Jan 29th @ 8am
Add deadline - Friday, Feb 9th @ 11pm
Drop deadline - Friday, Feb 23th @11pm
Credit/non deadline - Friday, Feb 23rd @11pm
Withdraw (WDR) deadline - Friday, May 11th @ 4:30pm