Fall 2020 Term 2 Final Exams

Students’ Guide to Final Exams

For courses with a final exam, the professor has chosen to offer either a self-scheduled exam or a fixed (scheduled) exam. A fixed exam is given at a specific time for the entire class. A self‐scheduled exam is one that each member of the class takes at a time of the student’s choosing within the exam period.

Students must adhere to the Wellesley College Honor Code.

Students must always do their own work, using only those materials allowed by the professor, and taking only the designated amount of time. In accordance with the Honor Code, and to ensure that each student experiences equitable testing conditions, students are barred from speaking about an exam with any student. This includes discussion of the difficulty, content, format, or any other aspect of the exam.

Reading Period and Exam Dates

The reading and exam period dates at the end of Term 2 are:

  • Reading Days: Sat, Dec 12 - Sun, Dec 13

  • Exam Days: Mon, Dec 14 - Fri, Dec 18

Fixed-Schedule Exams

Fixed schedule exams will be scheduled on Mon, Dec 14 - Wed, Dec 16. 
The Registrar will use the following Fixed Exam Grid to schedule a day and time for the exam to ensure that students have no overlapping fixed schedule exams.

The Fixed Exam Schedule will be posted on November 20th (along with classroom assignment for On Campus sections with an on-campus in-person exam).

Self-Scheduled Exams

Self-Scheduled exams will all take place remotely Mon, Dec 14 - Fri, Dec 18. Remote Self Scheduled Exams will be prepared and administered by the faculty. 

The list of Self Scheduled Exams will be posted on November 20th.

Accommodated Exams

Students who need accommodations need to contact Jim Wice (jwice@wellesley.edu) from the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources to make arrangements.