Levitt Fellowship

The Samuel and Hilda Levitt Fellowship

The Samuel and Hilda Levitt fellowships are intended to support the thesis work of nine honors students, three each in the humanities, the social sciences and the sciences. Each fellowship consists of $3500 and is awarded in the spring of the recipient’s junior year, so that it can facilitate honors work, both during the summer preceding the senior year, if needed, and during the senior year. This year, the fellowship will be awarded in the fall, for seniors for the spring of their senior year, and in the spring, for juniors entering their senior year. The fellowship is also intended to recognize students with a commitment to service. Applicants should read the criteria and instructions below for further information.


Students planning to enroll in a 360 course in the first semester of their senior year, who have the approval of their thesis advisor and department, are eligible to apply. Levitt Scholars are not eligible to apply for either a Daniels Fellowship or a Schiff Fellowship.

Special note for 2022: The Levitt Fellowship application process overlaps with both the Schiff and the Daniels Fellowship applications in Fall 2022. A student may apply for more than one fellowship but may only be awarded one of these fellowships. 

Due Dates

Application opens: Wednesday, September 28th 2022

Deadline for student submission: Friday, October 14th 2022

Faculty advisor letters due: Friday, October 21st 2022

Announcement of results: Friday, November 18th, 2022

Application Procedure and Materials

  • The online application portal can be accessed through MyWellesley > Administrivia > Especially for Students > Levitt & Schiff Fellowships Application

Note: The Levitt and Schiff Fellowship review timelines coincide in Fall 2022, and applications for both will be submitted and reviewed within the same app typically used for Schiff applications. A student applying for both Levitt and Schiff need only fill out one application.

  • Complete the application form

  • Upload a current resume

  • Upload a 2-3 page proposal (double-spaced) describing the premise, methodology, and significance of the research project and detailed plans for completing the thesis. Please remember to write your proposal description for a non-specialist audience.

A student applying only for the Levitt Fellowship or for both Schiff and Levitt must also include a one paragraph description of commitment to service and engagement. This additional paragraph is required for the Levitt application.

  • List the name of the thesis advisor, as prompted by the form. Your advisor will receive by email a request to upload the letter of recommendation when you submit your application. The recommendation cannot be uploaded until the application has been submitted.

Letters of Recommendation

Advisors will be asked to provide an online letter of recommendation, once the student’s online application is submitted. Advisors should comment on the strength of the proposal, the student’s ability to work independently, the likelihood she will complete the project, and how her project compares with that of other students the advisor has worked with.

Selection Criteria

The Committee for Curriculum and Academic Planning (CCAP) will select nine Samuel and Hilda Levitt Scholars. Typically selected in the spring of the students’ junior year, in Fall 2022, students will be selected in the fall of their senior year. Juniors will be selected in Spring 2023. In selecting the recipients, CCAP considers the quality of the project, its feasibility and the potential impact of the research, as well as each student’s academic record and commitment to service. Proposals should be written for non-specialist readers and should contain a description of how the fellowship award will provide support for the project, whether it is in terms of travel, access to collections, equipment needs, reduction of work obligations or other necessary costs. Applicants should also briefly describe their record of service or community engagement.

Recipient Expectations

Levitt Scholars are expected to present the results of their project at the Ruhlman Conference.