First Year Registration Overview

Registration Information for First-Year Students

Before Registration:

  • Plan Ahead. There is a lot of advice available on the academic section of the entering students website to help you take the first steps in planning your academic schedule. Once you look at that and at the Course Catalog, move to the next level by using these links to get more specific information about potential courses.
    • To know when a course meets, you can access the Course Browser online or you can also search in Banner Self Service.
    • When planning your schedule, be sure to choose courses that have available seats. For real time enrollment numbers, please check the Course Browser or Banner Self Service.
    • This schedule planning framework will help you organize your tentative schedule - and several alternate schedules. Be prepared to find that your first choice of classes is not available or your placement exam results are different than you expected.
  • If you took Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams, read to find out what credits you might earn toward your degree, based on your exam scores.
  • Find out how and when you will receive results of your placement exam(s).
  • Read the all about registration and the frequently asked questions.
  • Once you're on campus, log onto the College website to make sure your Wellesley domain user name and password allow you to access Banner Self-Service prior to registration.

Registration Day:

Tips & Tricks to help you succeed at course registration:

  • Know your CRNs.  They are listed in the Course Browser. These five digit numbers are the key to registering in Banner Self-Service.
  • Be prepared with alternate course selections, in case you don't get your first choice.
  • Caution: You will get bumped out of the system if you log into registration too early. It times out after a few minutes.
  • Watch out for linked lectures and labs/conferences/discussions. You must register for both sections at the same time in order to register for the course.
  • If you need an instructor's permission to get into a class, ask  or email the instructor for a "Registration Override". After the instructor has completed the override, you must still register for the course online via Banner Self-Service.
  • Understand the registration system error messages so you can easily move on to the next step in your registration.

After Registration:

  • Get your questions answered about adding and dropping courses online through these FAQs.
  • Learn more about declaring a class Credit/No Credit.
  • Remember to check important dates on the Academic Calendar.
  • Double check your final schedule online through Banner Self Service to make sure you are registered for the correct courses and sections.
  • Consider printing out your course schedule (Student Detail Schedule in Banner Self Service) so you can become familiar with your classrooms, times, days, and faculty.