Not Offered in Summer 2022

The Russian Department, in close collaboration with Wellesley Career Education, is continuing its internship program. These are 8-10 week internships in Russia that come with a $4,000 stipend. There will be an opening at the Donors’ Forum in Moscow, at the Carnegie Center in Moscow and the Andrei Bely Memorial Apartment Museum.

All internships prefer candidates with advanced Russian skills, so a successful applicant should do their best to take Russian 301 and 302 or the equivalent before the internship begins. You may apply for more than one internship. In some cases it is possible to accept a student who has just graduated (i.e. a 2023 alum might be chosen for the summer of 2023), but such a case would be an exception.

Interested? See here for details on our Russian partners. Visit the Career Education page for general information on internships.


"I had the most positive experience possible at the Russian Donors Forum... The office is an all-female environment, and although everyone is always busy with work there is a lot of communication (and laughter) in the office... Each person with whom I worked took it upon themselves to make sure my time in Moscow was as easy and enjoyable as possible... I would highly recommend this internship to any ‘Russianist’ with an interest in philanthropy or non-profits."

-Graeme Durovich '15, Donors Forum (Summer 2015)