Wintersession 101

Wintersession Russian 101 - January 2022
Learn one semester of Russian in three weeks and jumpstart your study of Russian language! 
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MTWThF 9:00-2:00 p.m. class 

2:00-2:30 p.m. office hours 


About the course:

Wintersession Russian 101 covers exactly the same material -- classwork, homework, quizzes, exams -- as fall-semester Russian 101. The Wintersession course takes fourteen days to cover as much material as the fall-semester course covers in thirteen weeks. This means that attendance is crucial; more than one absence means that you will have a very difficult time catching up. We are together five hours a day, and you should expect to spend around three to four hours per evening doing your homework. In other words, you need to commit about forty hours per week -- the equivalent of a full-time job -- to Wintersession Russian.

Textbooks and preparation:

The textbooks for the course are available at the Wellesley College Bookstore by 1 December. We strongly suggest that you purchase the books before going away for the holidays. Before coming to our first class session, you must have the entire Russian alphabet memorized and must be able to write all the letters of the Russian alphabet relatively easily. What this means is that you should be able to see a printed Russian letter and instantly pronounce it more or less correctly, and that you should be able to sound out simple, printed Russian words with some difficulty. You do not have to memorize the names of the letters, or the order in which they appear in the Russian alphabet; We will do this with you in class, starting on the first day. For help with handwriting cyrillic letters, download the crucial Powerpoint file "Russian_handwriting.ppt" here or by clicking the "Syllabus" link in the left navigation bar. 


Daily Schedule:


Review and correct homework with TA/grader


Classwork with Prof. Hodge




Classwork with Prof. Hodge




Classwork with Prof. Hodge


Prof. Hodge has office hours


TA has office hours (TBD)


Class meets five days a week.

The grader and Teaching Assistant for the course is TBD. She will lead the daily homework-correction session from 9:00 to 9:45, during which you will all correct your previous evening's homework as a large group. If questions come up, we will answer these during our classwork together. The TA will also be grading your quizzes, outside of class, on the day you hand them in.

During breaks, you are all most welcome to make yourselves at home in the lounge (Founders 416), where we have Russian music, Russian television, Russian videotapes, etc., all at your disposal. There are bathrooms at the other end of the fourth-floor corridor (next to the elevator).

Bring all three textbooks (Golosa textbook and workbook, and Oxford Russian Minidictionary) with you to class every day. You should also bring a sharp pencil; it is strongly suggested that you use a good mechanical pencil.

If you are not a Wellesley student, please call 781-283-3333 as soon as possible to set up an account on Wellesley College's e-mail and networking system.