Academic Standards

Academic standards at Wellesley are high, and students take full responsibility for attending classes, submitting required work on time, and appearing for examinations.

If students have difficulties with course work, become ill, or have other problems that interfere with their academic work, they should consult with their class dean for assistance in making special arrangements for their studies. Tutoring and programs in study skills are offered through the Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center.

To be of "diploma grade standing", that is, in good academic standing, students must maintain at least a C average in their last semester and as a cumulative average. Students must also have earned the appropriate number of units toward the degree, with the particular number determined by the number of semesters they have completed at Wellesley (students are considered to be in good standing if they have no fewer than one fewer unit than the number of units they would have earned by passing four one-unit courses in each of their Wellesley semesters). At the end of each semester, the Academic Review Board examines the records of those students who are not in good academic standing. The Board considers each student's case individually, and makes a response to each record. Responses may include noting the reasons for the student not being in good standing, placing the student on warning or on academic probation, placing the student on a conditional leave of absence, or requiring the student to withdraw from the College. The Board will recommend sources of help and may impose conditions for continuing at the College. The College tries to provide the appropriate support services to students in difficulty. Ordinarily, parents are notified when a student is placed on academic probation, placed on leave, or required to withdraw by the Academic Review Board. 

Shadow grading and academic review: after the first semester at the College, students will be formally reviewed by the Board if they have earned two or fewer units of credit.  First semester grades, since they are not to be reported on the transcript, will not be considered in determining diploma grade standing as of the end of the first semester.  However, these grades will be used by the Dean of First-Year Students for advising purposes, in helping students prepare for success in the second semester at Wellesley.  If students earn grades in the first semester below the standard for good standing, they should plan to meet with the Dean to discuss specific strategies for the spring semester.