Cross-Registration Programs

Wellesley operates programs for cross-registration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Babson College, Brandeis University, and the Olin College of Engineering.

Procedures and policies vary from institution to institution, so students should consult the registrar's posted materials for details of which courses may be taken for Wellesley credit, how to register for courses, and how credits will transfer back to Wellesley. Students will receive credit for a cross-registered course only if they are properly registered for it at both Wellesley and the host school. First-year students in their first semester may not cross-register elsewhere. With the exception of grades in MIT courses, grades from cross-registered courses do not appear on the Wellesley transcript; grades from courses taken at MIT do appear on the Wellesley transcript and are included in the student's grade point average. Subject to the approval of the registrar and appropriate Wellesley academic department, courses taken through cross-registration may satisfy distribution, major or minor, or other degree requirements. In any semester, students are limited to taking no more than half of their units of coursework (up to a maximum of two units) through cross-registration.

Students should note that MIT's summer programs are not part of Wellesley's cross-registration agreement with MIT.  Students may apply to MIT to participate in their summer academic programs, including the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, but credits for those programs will appear, if approved, as transfer credits on the Wellesley transcript, and grades will not be noted.