College Career Mentors Lindsay Laguna, Scott Mannion, Sarah Isham, and Sheryl Rosenberg

Career Exploration

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This question is one that can both excite and haunt us. Rest assured that most Wellesley students are unsure about their career paths and even those that feel certain often do — and should! — change their minds over the course of their college experience and even after they graduate.
We are here to help. Your career search is a lifelong journey and our team of college career mentors is here to give you the mentorship, tools, connections and space for self-assessment and reflection that will help you to launch a career grounded in a sense of your own values, strengths and interests. Is there a class that you loved? A current event that inspired you to action? A subject, talent, project or hobby you practice that makes time melt away? An internship you thought was a perfect fit that turned out to be a disappointment? Your college career mentor is here for you all four years of your Wellesley experience, to talk through your career journey, connect you with meaningful experiential learning opportunities that will help clarify your interests, and help you to identify the career paths you want to pursue. 
Whether you’re a first semester first year or a spring semester senior, your college career mentor is here to help!