Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Just beginning your career exploration? Start here!

Regardless of what year you are at Wellesley, we are here to help you explore potential career paths. First-years, sophomores, and juniors are matched with Advisors for Career Exploration (ACEs), who are available for conversations about your values, strengths, and interests. Your ACE will provide the mentorship, tools, connections, and space for self-assessment and reflection to identify the paths you want to pursue. Seniors are encouraged to meet with Industry Advisors for career exploration, as they think through their interests in the context or various fields and plan post-graduation next steps. Schedule an appointment in Handshake to meet with Career Exploration Advisors as follows:

First-years: Ariane Baker, ACE for the Class of 2025

Sophomores: Marisa Crowley, ACE for the Class of 2024

Juniors: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine, ACE for the Class of 2023.

Seniors: Schedule a meeting with Career Advisors in the industries that pique your interest— see below for details! All Industry-specific advisors are trained in general Career Exploration, and they will help you assess whether the field you are considering might be a good fit for you.

Associate Director/Advisor, Career Exploration and Careers in Education & Nonprofit
Associate Director/Advisor, Career Exploration and Careers in Arts & Media
Marisa Crowley
Associate Director/Advisor, Career Exploration and Careers in International Affairs & Public Health

Career Exploration Resources

Along with the video series above, the following resources will can help you along your career exploration journey. These resources will be helpful as you attend career fairs, conduct research, identify members of your personal advisory board, and schedule informational interviews or job shadow opportunities.

And remember — your ACE is here to support you along the way! Your Advisor will help you assess your values, skills, and interests, in order to identify a path forward. Schedule an appointment with your ACE in Handshake to get started!