Language Projects

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Intensive Beginning Italian

Daniela Bartalesi-Graf

A rich and rigorous online program functions as a complete textbook to enhance face-to-face classes.Video camera icon

Women in Power under the Ancien Régime

Hélène Bilis

Students created the bilingual Scalar exhibit “Between Hairstyle and History: Understanding the Engravings in Marie-Antoinette’s Almanac, Le Trésor des Graces.”

Intermediate Russian

Alla Epsteyn

Wellesley-produced movies offer listening practice as well as inspiration for discussions and projects, and students receive immediate feedback from regular online grammar exercises.Video camera icon

Beginning Korean

Seok Bae Jang & Sun-Hee Lee

In this course, students use original online resources including video and audio recordings and dynamic practice materials.Video camera icon


Yoshimi Maeno & Eiko Torii

Students practice listening with original, culturally relevant videos filmed in Japan and then create their own videos based on that authentic content.Video camera icon

Migration, Heritage, Identity

Evelina Gužauskytė

In this Spanish course, students created annotated digital maps that explored the intellectual exchanges between writers, poets, and filmmakers in Latin America and Europe.Video camera icon

The Making of Latin American Culture

Inela Selimović

Students created blogs and video interviews outside of class. At the end of the semester, in-class filmed presentations encouraged rich and precise individual inquiry.Video camera icon

Advanced Chinese

Yuan-Chu (Ruby) Lam

Students in this course used online quizzes and flashcards in Sakai to augment their learning outside of class time.Video camera icon