Traveling with Duo

Using Duo when you're off-campus, abroad, or traveling

If you're already enrolled in Duo and will be traveling, you can use the following ways to use Duo, with or without internet access on your phone:

  • Forward your office phone to your mobile phone.

    • When Duo calls your office phone, it will be passed along to the phone you forwarded it to and you can authenticate as usual.

  • Add your international phone number before you leave

    • If you know your international number before you leave the US, you can add it to Duo now.

    • Follow the add a new device instructions and add your international phone. 

    • Make sure you include the country code, for example: Switzerland would use +41 33 123456789.

    • NOTE: Duo calls & texts from a US phone number, so check your phone plan for costs that may apply.

  • Setup Duo Mobile to use Push Notifications on iOS & Android

    • If you're not using the Duo Mobile app, see the add a new device page to add your cell phone again, and then setup the Duo Mobile app at the end of that setup. 

    • Duo Mobile push notifications use about 20Kb of data per push.  Check your phone or WiFi plan to see if any charges may apply.

  • Use Passcodes from the Duo app without a data/internet connection

    • The Duo Mobile app also works without an internet connection. Tap on Wellesley College in the app to get a passcode that changes often. This will not use any data or internet.

    • To use a Passcode, in the Duo login prompt, click More Options, then click Enter a Passcode and enter the passcode from the app.

If you haven't enrolled in Duo and are currently outside the US, you can choose one of the following two options to setup your Duo account. When you return to the US, use the Add a new device directions to add your US number to your account.

  • Using Duo with your international phone number: Follow the normal setup directions and use your current phone number, which can be an international number. During the setup, if you have an Android or iOS phone, setup the Duo Mobile app.
    • Duo calls and texts from a US number. so extra phone charges may apply based on your phone plan.
  • Using Duo without your international phone number: When enrolling in Duo, select Tablet instead of Phone during the Add a Device screen. This skips the phone number section, but still allows you to setup the Duo Mobile app on your iOS or Andriod phone.
  • Receiving push notifications to the Duo Mobile app using either setup method above uses ~20Kb of internet data per push.  You can also use Duo Mobile without any data by tapping on Wellesley College in the app to reveal a passcode that changes often.  This doesn't require or use any internet connection or data to generate.  To use the passcode, at the Duo prompt on your computer, choose More Options, then choose Use a Passcode then enter the passcode.