Registration FAQs

How do I know the course schedule and availability?

The full course schedule is available through the Course Browser. The course browser includes real-time information about open seats, meeting days/times, prerequisites, distribution requirements, and course descriptions.

What is a CRN?

A CRN is a Course Reference Number. This five-digit number is used to identify each course section and is the number you will use to register online. The CRN appears in the first column on the course browser.

What does add/drop mean?

The term “add/drop” refers to the first month of the semester, when you can change your schedule online. If a course has available seats and doesn’t require instructor permission, you may add it during the designated add period. You may drop a course online during the drop period to remove it from your schedule. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific add/drop deadlines.

How do I register?

All students register online using Banner Self-Service. Directions for registering online are available online.

How many courses should I register for?

During the initial registration period, students may register for a maximum of 4.75 units (4 courses).  During the add/drop period, at the beginning of each semester, upperclass woman may register for a maximum of 5.75 units (5 courses).  First-Year students may register for a maximum of 4.75 units (4 courses) in the Fall semester.  

What happens if I can’t get into a course that I really need?

It is important to prepare for registration by selecting several alternative courses/schedules, so you have maximum flexibility during registration. Many introductory courses have multiple sections, so it is helpful to use the “Look up Courses to Add” link in the online registration system. You can enter the course subject and number to determine if multiple sections exist and which ones still have space.

What if I need instructor permission to add a course?

You will need to ask the professor for permission to join the course. If the professor grants you permission, they will submit an electronic registration override for you. After the override is in place, you must go online and register for the course and confirm it is on your schedule before the add deadline.

What is credit/non?

Credit/non, or credit/no credit, refers to a type of course grading that does not result in a letter grade. Some courses (primarily in the Writing department) are mandatory credit/non and students will receive either a CR (credit) or NCR (no credit) as their final grade.

Should I take a course credit/non?

Students may take a course credit/non for a variety of reasons. See your Class Dean to talk about whether credit/non makes sense for you.

Once I have finished registering, how do I verify my schedule?

You can view your schedule online via MyWellesley, either by day and time or in detail. The Student Schedule by Day and Time displays your schedule by day and time for a week at a glance. The Student Detail Schedule gives you the registration status for each course.  This may be printed from your browser’s print function using landscape format.

What is the 10-minute course that I see when I look at my schedule?

If a course has a third meeting on alternate weeks (designated as ALT 1 or ALT 2), these alternate meetings appear as 10-minute long meetings of the course, even though this class meeting is actually the same length as the regular class meetings. The specific ALT 1 and ALT 2 meeting dates can be found on the Course Browser by selecting the "More" option on a course.