Cell Phone Use Prohibited

Cell Phone Use Prohibited

Use of cell phones (including texting) is prohibited while driving college vehicles or while you are driving on college business.

College Policy 

If the driver must use a cell phone while driving on College Business, or while driving a College owned vehicle, they must stop safely, secure the vehicle and then make or take the call. There are NO exceptions, including hands-free phones. This applies to everyone - employees, students and volunteers.

There are a few basic reasons for this policy.

1.       Your personal safety 

2.       The safety of others on the road – drivers and pedestrians 

3.       The College can be held liable for your accident

There are two significant dangers associated with driving and cell phone use. First, drivers must take their eyes off the road while dialing or texting. Second, people can become so absorbed in their conversations that their ability to concentrate on the act of driving is severely impaired, jeopardizing the safety of vehicle occupants and pedestrians. Safety experts also acknowledge that the hazard posed by cell phone conversations is not eliminated, and may even be increased, by the use of hands-free sets.

Link to the videos: 

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