Want To Reserve Acorns House?

Acorns House is a multi-use space with a spacious living room, full kitchen, dining/meeting room, patio, and library. This space is an attractive and welcoming space, both physically and socially. Along with the magnificent study and relaxation space it provides for students, the house also is a meeting place for many organizations and departments on campus, and hosts a variety of cultural shows, lectures, and receptions throughout the year.

To request reservation of a space at the Acorns House for an event or meeting, go to 25 Live. Click on the "Event Creation and Editing" tab to go through the system's event creation process. You will be prompted to log in using your Wellesley domain username and password. We strongly suggest that you reserve your space at least two weeks in advance. 

Anyone who reserves the space must adhere to the rules of the house and be accountable for the space during their reservation time.

If you have any questions or concerns about reservations, please email