JAC-450 Equipment Instructions

Projecting from the DVD/LaserDisc player

Select the green DVD/LD source button on the Crestron Remote Control.  Insert a disc into the player in the equipment rack.  Use the blue buttons on the remote control: play, pause, stop, rewind, chp rev, chp adv, frame rev, etc.  To select a specific track, use the black number buttons on the remote control.

Projecting from the Document Camera

  • Press the DOC button on the Crestron Remote Control.
  • Unfold and raise the light arms on the document camera as far as they will go. Firmly press the lever on the camera arm downward and raise the camera head so the arm is at a 45' angle and the camera points straight down.
  • Press the Lamp button on the document camera to turn on the lights on either side of the document camera.
  • Turn on the document camera by pressing the Green Power Button on the left of its control panel.
  • The projector should display documents and objects that are placed on the bed of the document camera.
  • When switching documents/objects, you can press the Freeze button on the document camera to freeze an image on the projection screen. Press the Freeze button again to exit the freeze mode.
  • To display transparencies, press the Lamp button on the document camera once. The panel underneath the bed will light up and the arm lights will turn off. To turn the lights off entirely, press the Lamp button again.
  • You can zoom in and out with the Zoom buttons. If the image becomes unfocused, adjust the focus with the focus buttons.
  • When you are finished, turn the document camera off with the power button.

Display 35mm Slides

  • Locate the Kodak remote control and press the Standby button to turn the projector/s on.
  • Using the AMX remote control allows one to advance the slides forward or backward.
  • The Focus button on the AMX remote control will allow one to adjust the focus.
  • Once you have finished with the slide projector, remove the tray and turn the slide projector/s off.

Watching a Channel on WCVN (Cable TV)

Press the green WCVN source button on the Crestron Remote Control.  To scan channels press one of the blue Chan Up/Down buttons on the remote control.  To select a specific channel use the black number buttons.

Turning off the Projector

Press the red All Off button on the Crestron Remote Control.  Note: The projector will need a few minutes to cool down before it can be turned on again.