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Google Apps for Education is Wellesley College's system for email, shared documents, group discussions, courses, chat, and more.
We recommend using Google's Chrome web browser when working within the Google Apps product suite for best performance.

Questions about Google Apps?

  • For general questions, contact the Computing Help Desk at 781-283-3333 or email
  • For course-related questions, contact Instructional Technology at 781-283-4848.
  • Search for your questions in Google's excellent Help Center
  • Explore our customized Wellesley documentation for Google Apps using the sidebar on the left.

What's new in Google Apps:

Training for Google Apps (July 2016)

New to Google Apps? Training for Google Apps is a Chrome extension that offers simple and interactive training lessons to get you up and running fast with Google Apps.

See event locations at a glance in Google Calendar on the web (June 2016)

Instead of needing to navigate to an event’s details in order see the event location, the event location will now appear on your calendar, when there is enough space available.

Stay focused with Google Calendar event notifications in your browser (June 2016)

You can now continue working in other tabs uninterrupted without losing track of your next meeting. Event notifications in browsers which support Web Notifications (like Google Chrome) will allow you to use native browser notifications instead of interruptive alerts

Resize the formula bar for easier reading and typing in Google Sheets (May 2016)

Working with long and complicated formulas is tough enough as is; you shouldn’t have to struggle to simply read them. Fortunately, this launch makes it easier to view and type those lengthy equations in Google Sheets on the web, by allowing you to drag and expand the formula bar.

Set expiration dates for access to Google Drive Documents, Sheets, and Slides files (March 2016)

Google has added the ability to set an expiration date when sharing Google Drive Documents, Sheets, and Slides files.  For instance, imagine you are working in a team for three months and need to share data with them. You can now share that data, but also put an expiration date on the sharing permissions, so when the three month project is over, you don't need to remember to go back and remove the team's permissions from those files.

Google Documents: New Outline Tool to navigate documents easier (March 2016)

Displayed in a pane to the left of the page, this outline features headers for each section of your document, making it simple to quickly jump from section to section. If you haven’t manually applied headers, no worries—we’ll do it for you, intelligently detecting the logical divisions within your work. You can then edit or remove these headers as necessary.

The top 20 ways to use Google Apps for Administrative Assistants

Google has an excellent list of tips on how Administrative Assistants can best use Google Apps. Tips include managing email and calendars of other people, organizing events, setting up email filters, creating canned responses and multiple signatures, creating mailing lists, and more.

Gmail: Sharing attachments with "anyone with the link" change (February 2016)

When sharing a file from Google Drive in a Gmail message, the prompt Google displays to make sure everyone has access to the file now defaults to giving each individual recipient of the email access, instead of changing the sharing to "Anyone with the link".  This is a more secure way of sharing the document.

New Google Forms is now the default for new forms (February 2016)

The new version of Google Forms is now the default.  This version has several new features, such as a Track Responses section to see who has and hasn't completed the form, use Form Add-ons and App Scripts, and the ability to choose templates when you create the Form.

Organize files and folders in Google Drive more easily (January 2016)

When looking at Search results or items in the Shared with me, Recent, or Starred views in Drive, you’ll now see one of two options in the toolbar at the top of the screen. If the item you’ve selected is not already located in My Drive, you’ll continue to see the option to Add to My Drive.