Wellesley College Network FAQs

Use of the campus network should be in conformance with the College’s technology policies:

Common Questions:

Which wireless network should I use?

As of March 22, 2014, all faculty, staff, and students should connect to the Wellesley Secure WiFi, our new encrypted wireless network. Personally owned Windows 7 computers should first connect to Wellesley Setup to automatically configure their computer then use the Wellesley Secure WiFi network thereafter.  During this transition, we recommend you remove the Wellesley WiFi network to avoid connection issues. Instructions to remove the Wellesley WiFi network can be found here for Windows, or here for Mac OS X.

How do College-owned computers connect to the wired network?

Most faculty and staff College-owned computers will authenticate to the network when you log into the computer with your Domain Account. You will not need to login a second time, and you should not see a Cisco NAC popup window. 

Non-standard College-owned computers may prompt for your domain username and password the first time you connect to the network.  For details of what the prompt looks like and how to enter your Domain Account information, please see the links below:

How do mobile devices connect to wireless?

As of March 22, 2014, you no longer need to visit the Help Desk for an “exemption.”  Simply connect Wellesley Secure and login with your Domain Account username and password. Detailed directions can be found in the links below:

Can guests connect to the wireless network?

Yes, there are two ways for guests to connect, either via eduroam or the Wellesley Guest network.

Wellesley now participates in eduroam.  If you are a visitor from an eduroam institution, you may connect to the eduroam WiFi network on campus.

Otherwise, guests can connect to the Wellesley Guest WiFi network.  After connecting the first time, open a web browser, attempt to visit any website and you should be redirected to the Guest portal.  Guests should review the Acceptable Use terms, enter their email address, and click Accept to access the network.  This access should last 18 hours and can be renewed at that time.

Can Alumnae use the wireless network?

Alumnae may connect to the Wellesley Guest network using the instructions above.

How do I connect other devices (e.g. game consoles, internet TVs)?

Some devices are not capable of connecting to Wellesley Secure due to the type of encryption (WPA2 Enterprise).  The following gaming consoles should be able to connect to the Wellesley Setup WiFi network automatically:

  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Playstation 3

If you have other devices that do not support WPA2 Enterprise encryption, you will need to self-register the device on the My Devices network access portal, then connect it to the Wellesley Setup WiFi network.  Login to MyDevices with your Wellesley Domain Account, enter the device's WiFi/MAC Address as the Device ID, add a description such as “username’s Kindle” and click Submit.  Then connect the device to the Wellesley Setup network. 

If you need help finding your devices WiFi Address, please contact the Help Desk.

Why aren't wireless printers or personal routers allowed on campus?

Faculty, staff, and students are not allowed to set up personal wireless printers or routers (including Time Capsule and other backup systems that use WiFi) because they may interfere with the campus network performance.  LTS may disable the device and attempt to contact the owner if needed.

As of May 2014, Wellesley also participates in eduroam.  If you are a visitor from an eduroam institution, you may connect to the eduroam WiFi network on campus.