Thank you to those of you in the College community who participated in our National Cyber Security Awareness Month activities. Congratulations to the fifteen t-shirt and Amazon gift card winners!

Cyber Security is, of course, important any time of year. Here are some things you can do to raise your awareness and help protect yourself, your information, and information about others that you have access to at the College:

  • Learn about Duo 2-Factor Authentication and how it can give you peace of mind in case your password is stolen; request this as a department or other group training by filling out a training request form (you must be logged in to your Wellesley Google account in the same browser you use to access this form)

  • Watch the Hack Attack short video: 

  • Watch one or more of the 3 GreyCastle security awareness training videos available for viewing at your convenience online through September 2017. Topics include: general security awareness, information security for travelers, and FERPA security training:

    • security awareness - you must be logged in to your Wellesley Google account in the same browser you use to access these

  • Award-winning documentary film Code 2600 available for departmental showings upon request

  • SANS “Securing the Human” online security training


Why do we need to be concerned about computing security?


Protecting your computer keeps your data secure, and helps to protect the privacy of our users


Protect College information

A data breach can have many consequences for the College, including loss of systems and data, lost productivity, fines, lawsuits, and damage to its reputation


Legal obligations

Most states have breach notification laws that require certain protections for sensitive information; to understand how these laws impact your work, see Wellesley College’s Written Information Security Program

Security Software at Wellesley College:

Additional online resources for being safe online

Visit these online websites for more information:

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)