PC and Mac Backup Software

Crash Plan Pro
CrashPlan Pro is an easy, secure online backup system to protect all of your critical data.  CrashPlan Pro is available for faculty and staff College-owned computers.  For personally owned computers, discounted options are available.
To install CrashPlan and start backing up today: Windows and Mac OS X.
To see what is backed up, you can use the CrashPlan application on your computer, or use the CrashPlan web portal, logging in with your Wellesley username and password.
FAQs for college-owned computer backups with CrashPlan
1. What will CrashPlan back up?
By default, CrashPlan Pro will back up your entire computer EXCEPT your programs/applications and the computer’s operating system.  It is a good habit to keep all of your data in your User folder (usually named after your user name).

2.  What if I don't want some things backed up?
If you have personal documents, non-work-related data, or are working with PI or PII that should not be backed up, you can create a folder anywhere on your computer with “Exclude” as the name.  CrashPlan will ignore that folder and the contents of that folder.   
3. Where is the backup data stored?
The backups are stored on am encrypted server LTS manages.
4. How many computers can I back up?
Faculty and staff can back up to four College-owned desktops and/or laptops.
5. How often is my computer backed up? By default, your computer will attempt to back up daily as long as it is connected to the campus network.

CrashPlan backs up new changes and retains the newest version in several intervals.  For more detailed information, please see CrashPlan's website.

  • the last week
  • the last 90 days
  • the last year
  • previous years
6. What if I delete a file? Your backup will continue to have a copy of any deleted data in the backup for 90 days, and afterwards it will be purged.
7. How do I log in?
After installing CrashPlan, you will be prompted to create an account. The 
username and password you choose must match that of your Wellesley Domain username and password.
8. How long will my initial backup take?
The initial backup may take a long time depending on the size of your files.  It will run in the background and not affect your productivity.
9. What if the initial backup is interrupted?
You can shut your computer down during the initial backup and CrashPlan will resume from where it left off next time your computer is turned on.  Of course, the initial backup will go more quickly if the computer isn't interrupted during the process.
10. What do I do after I install CrashPlan?
CrashPlan will continue to backup your computer regularly without any interaction.   The backups following the initial backup are incremental and therefore much quicker than the first.
11. How can I restore lost data?

12. Does it work on my laptop when I am not on campus? 

No, CrashPlan only works when you are connected to the Wellesley network. However, you can still backup and restore from off campus if you are connected via the Wellesley SSL VPN.
13. What if I want to use Time Machine (for OS X) instead? 

LTS recommends using Crashplan for the best support.  If there is some reason you believe Time Machine or another solution is better for your needs, the Help Desk is happy to assist you with questions you might have.  Please Note: Crashplan should not be used in addition to Time Machine and many other backup solutions as it may greatly reduce the speed and completion of your backups.