adobe cs6 mac error

The symptom:

You try to launch PhotoShop or some other Adobe Creative Suite 6 application, and instead of launching, the icon for PhotoShop and a red and white icon bounce in the dock on your Mac's desktop.

Possible solutions:

Call the Help Desk (x3333 for faculty and staff) to discuss re-imaging your computer, which will provide you with the newer Adobe Creative Cloud software instead of your broken Adobe Creative Suite 6 software.


Re-install Adobe CS6 using the trial installer we provide; this fixes the corruption in the licensing:

  • Email LTSsoftware at wellesley to download the Mac CS6 trial installer; the installer is huge, so it will take a long time.
  • If you don't have an Adobe ID, set one up when prompted.
  • If you only want Acrobat, you must include one other application when you install the Master Collection for the license to install properly.
  • When asked, say you have a serial number; after the re-installation, launch PhotoShop, and the problem will be gone, the serial number for our license will be picked up, and the problem will not return