Statistics for the Year Ending June 30, 2021

Volumes (tangible formats)

Books                              728,366

Serials                             252,207

Scores                               34,304

Total printed text/music volumes   1,014,877

Music sound recordings     14,396

Spoken word recordings         737

Videorecordings                  17,578

Maps                                       786

Total media                        33,497

Total volumes in tangible format               1,048,374


e-Resource titles

e-Books                    1,559,838

e-Serials                   166,913

Streaming video         25,531

Total e-Resource titles                              1,752,282


Items in the Wellesley College Digital Repository             10566*

*Note: The repository was migrated to a new platform in FY2021.  The count of items was reestablished due to items previously stored as separate images being consolidated into single compound objects.