Library Collections Staff


Director of Library Collections

Jenifer Bartle 781-283-3757

Archives & Special Collections 

Sara Ludovissy, College Archivist - 781-283-2196
Katie Lamontagne, Assistant Archivist - 781-283-2128
Mariana Oller, Associate Curator Special Collections - 781-283-3668
Ruth Rogers, Curator of Special Collections - 781-283-3592
Abigail Wilson, Processing Archivist - 781-283-3047
Elliott Hadwin, Digital Archivist - 781-283-1130


Scholarly Resource Services 

Jillian Amaral, Science Librarian - 781-283-3021
Brooke Henderson, Art Librarian - 781-283-3258
Graham Henderson, Collections Librarian & Copyright Officer - 781-283-3514
Jessica LaBrie, Electronic Resources Librarian - 781-283-2102
Carol Lubkowski, Music Librarian - 781-283-2076
Kayla Valdivieso, Resource Acquisitions Specialist - 781-283-3593


Discovery Services

Marci Hahn-Fabris, Assistant Director for Discovery Services - 781-283-3331
Angie Batson, Resources Sharing Specialist - 781-283-2101
Lynne Fors, Cataloging and Metadata Librarian - 781-283-2094
Kara Hart, Systems Librarian - 781-283-2172
Jamie Jesanis, Database Maintenance Specialist - 781-283-3597
Kim Shaw, Library Associate - 781-283-2106
Abi Starck, Digital Collections Coordinator 


Public Services

Pamela Pfeiffer, Public Services Manager - 781-283-3758

Special Projects

Karen Bohrer, Library Collections Consultant - 781-283-2127


  • Science Librarian

    I help develop and maintain the Library's science collections and provide research and instruction support to Wellesley students and faculty in the science disciplines taught at the College.


    More about Jillian Amaral

  • Director, Library Collections

    As a member of the senior leadership team in Library & Technology Services, I am the lead advocate for the library's collections. I participate in the development of strategic priorities and initiatives related to our collections in support the needs of the Wellesley College community.

    More about Jenifer Bartle

  • Resource Sharing Specialist

    I work with libraries internationally to borrow and lend library materials for library patrons.

    More about Angie Batson

  • Library Collections Consultant

    More about Karen Bohrer

  • Cataloging & Metadata Librarian

    I create records in the library catalog on materials acquired through various methods via my library colleagues. 

    More about Lynne Fors

  • Assistant Director for Discovery Services

    I work closely with colleagues from across the library and the campus to help manage their digitized collections and to make our unique holdings visible.

    More about Marci Hahn-Fabris

  • Systems Librarian

    I investigate, implement, and manage library systems to make sure users have 24/7 access to all electronic library resources. 

    More about Kara Hart

  • Art Librarian

    As Art Librarian, I’m responsible for the library collections in Art and Architecture, and I provide research and instructional support for our Art Library users.

    More about Brooke Henderson

  • Collections Librarian and Copyright Officer

    I am Collections Librarian for several subjects and Wellesley College’s Copyright Officer.  I advise members of the college community on all things copyright and serve as the college’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) designated agent.

    More about Graham Henderson

  • Database Maintenance Specialist

    I help the Wellesley community access resources through the library catalog and Resource Sharing (also known as Interlibrary Loan).

    More about Jamie Jesanis

  • Electronic Resources Librarian

    I manage the College's online resources, working to ensure consistent access to and support discovery of these resources.

    More about Jessica LaBrie

  • Assistant Archivist

    More about Katie Lamontagne

  • Music Librarian

    As the music librarian, I am responsible for developing and maintaining the music library collections and for providing research and instruction support for the study and performance of music at Wellesley.

    More about Carol Lubkowski

  • Assistant Archivist

    As Assistant Archivist, I'm responsible for assisting in developing and maintaining college records and historical materials related to the college. I support access, research, and instruction related to archival collections for our users.

    More about Sara Ludovissy

  • Associate Curator of Special Collections

    I provide course-integrated instruction to visiting classes, explaining the collections and the value of using primary sources, as well as lecture on aspects of the history of the book.

    More about Mariana S. Oller

  • Public Services Manager

    I provide leadership and direction for staff and students who provide public services at the Clapp Library.

    More about Pamela Pfeiffer

  • Curator of Special Collections & Visiting Lecturer, Art Department

    B.A., Middlebury College; M.S., Simmons College

    More about Ruth R. Rogers

  • Library Associate

    I work with both serials and monographs for Clapp and the branch libraries: ordering and receiving books, films and music in all formats, locating out of print copies, tracking periodical arrivals.

    More about Kim Shaw

  • Digital Collections Coordinator

    More about Abi Starck

  • Resource Acquisitions Specialist

    More about Kayla Valdivieso