Student Event Guidelines

Student Event Policies

To schedule event or meeting:

Use 25Live

Student events may only be scheduled between the first and last day of classes each semester.  No events may be scheduled during reading period or finals week. Remember to submit your event requests no later than 10 business days prior to the event so that they can be processed. 

Contract Information:

Contract Form

All contracts must be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement a minimum of 15 days prior to your event for review and signature by the Director of Student Involvement.  STUDENTS CANNOT SIGN CONTRACTS.

Who needs a contract?  Anyone external to the college needs to sign a contract indicating the services they are providing and the compensation they are receiving, even is the compensation is $0 they need to sign a contract indicating this.  

Please submit contract, new vendor form and your check request form to the Office of Student Involvement.  The Office of Student Involvement will then send everything on to the Student Bursar's Office to process payment.  New vendor form and check request form can be found on the Bursar's website.

Events with Alcohol:

Wellesley College Alcohol Policy

Checklist for Events with Alcohol

Event Authorization Form

TIPS Server Job Description

TIPS Certification Course

To become a TIPS server on campus, please attend one of the TiPS Training Sessions held each semester on campus.  Please Student Involvement, for more information.

Event Manager Job Description

To become an Event Manager you must already be TIPS certified and meet with the Office of Student Involvement for Event Manager Training

Event Summary Form

Student Event Policy Links:

Catering: Find information regarding approved or recommended caterers in the area.

Film Showing Policy: You MUST have viewing rights in order to hold the event!

Information Regarding the Crowd Manager Policy

Additional Policies:

Punch’s Alley Space Reservation Policy for Non-Student Events

Office of Student Involvement Food Truck Policy

Food Distribution Policy

In order to comply with the Town of Wellesley Board of Health licensing, food being sold, distributed, or served has to be commercially prepackaged and non-hazardous (meaning no dairy or food that requires refrigerating) unless it is being provided/delivered directly from a licensed restaurant/vendor.  This means student organizations are not allowed to order food from a restaurant and pick it up personally and resell to the community OR cook/bake food due to liability and potential for cross-contamination.