10.4 Printing

The directions below allow a computer running Apple OS X 10.4 to print to the networked laser printers in the Computing Labs across campus.

Getting Started

  • NOTE: Before adding a new networked printer, find out the queue name, manufacturer and model number of your printer. (The queue name will be a set of six numbers and letters, usually starting with the letter P and containing the first three letters of your building name.) If you cannot find the queue name, please contact the Computing Help Desk (x3333) for assistance.

Configuring your network printer for an OS X application

Click on the Printer Setup Utility icon in the Dock.

If the Printer Setup Utility icon is NOT in the Dock:

  1. Click on the Finder icon in the Dock.
  2. From the Go menu select Applications.
  3. Open the Utilities folder by double-clicking on it.
  4. Double-click on Printer Setup Utility .

Once you have located and opened the Printer Setup Utility:

  • In the Printer List window that opens, click on the Add Printer button.
  • A new window shade will appear:

  • Make sure that the IP Printer tab at the top of the window is selected (instead of the Default Browser tab).
  • Make sure HP Jet Direct - Socket is selected in the Protocol pull-down menu.
  • In the Address field, type the queue name (e.g., plib3a ). When you have finished typing the queuename, the message "Incomplete or invalid address" will disappear or may be replaced by "Complete and valid address."
  • Leave the Queue Name field blank.
  • Type in where the printer is located in the Location field.
  • From the Print Using pull-down menu, select the printer manufacturer. A new area with a list of possible models will appear. Select your printer model. If the printer's model is not listed, select Generic in the Print Using field.
  • Click Add .
  • Depending on the printer added, a Printer Browser window may appear. If you have a duplex printer, check Duplex Unit. Leave all other fields unchanged and click Continue .
  • The window shade will disappear, and the new printer will appear in the list of printers in the Printer List window.
  • The new printer is listed by its queue name. This can be cryptic especially if you have many printers listed. You can change the name of the printer by:
    1. In the Printer List window, click once on the printer to select it.
    2. Under the Printers menu, select Show Info .
    3. A Printer Info window will appear. Change the name of the Printer in the Printer Name field.
    4. Click the Apply Changes button.
    5. Close the Printer Info window.
  • From the Printer Setup Utility menu, select Quit Printer Setup Utility .

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