Registration Overview

Wellesley College offers students online registration through the Banner Self-Service system. Registration generally opens for students mid-semester for the upcoming semester.  The semester class schedule is posted 1-3 weeks in advance of registration.  The course catalog is available online for annual course planning. 

Online registration is presented to students by class year - seniors, juniors, sophomores, and then first-years.  Davis Scholars are grouped with the class their units most closely match.  Transfers and Exchange registrations varies depending on the time of year.  Once each group has had a day or initial registration, the system is reopened for the duration of the semester. 

For additional information review the Instructions for Online Registration and watch the Academic Calendar for important registration dates.

Add Period & Drop Period

At the beginning of each semester students are permitted a two week period to add new and/or different courses.  For an additional two weeks, students may continue to use the online self-service system to drop a course and/or change the grade mode for credit/no credit.

Registration Materials for Students