DSD 2015

Please join us for the second annual Digital Scholarship Day on

Tuesday, April 14 from 4:15p to 6:15p in the Science Library

Lightning Talks by students, staff, and faculty
(3 minute limit! Beware the gong!)
Mini Posters
Maker Toybox
Snacks and CAKE!


The DSDay 2015 Lightning Talkers will be:

  1. Jordan Tynes (LTS) - Technology-enabled woodblock prints 

  2. Megan Chen '17 - Interactive visualizations of MOOC data

  3. Tavi Gonzalez (English) - Statistical analysis-enabled distant reading of Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go

  4. Marci Hahn-Fabris (Visual Resources) - Spiritual Spaces database and image collection in Omeka

  5. Veronica Lin '15 - littleBits and KIBO in education settings

  6. Nolan Flynn (Chemistry) & Kristina Jones (Biological Sciences) - Annotation with NB  

  7. Casey Pattanayak (LTS) - Quantitative Analysis Institute Wintersession course

  8. Rebecca Hosey '15 & Victoria Angelova '18 (from SPAN321 taught by Evelina Guzauskyte) - Visualizing cultural connections between East Central Europe and Latin America with Neatline

  9. Bryan Burns (Classical Studies) - Geotemporal exhibit of archaeological sites in TimeMapper 

  10. Nari Savanorke-Joyce '15 - Wellesley Time Trade: a new barter economy where time really does become money! 

  11. Lynne Viti (Writing Program) - Scholarly writing in Wikipedia 

  12. Sofi Zhang '15 - 3D scanning and printing at the Davis Museum 

  13. Katie Goodall (Botanic Gardens/Environmental Studies) - Flipping the classroom with Explain Everything 

  14. Kathryn Cooperman '15 - Anne Whitney’s Sculpture at Wellesley: a digital exhibit in Omeka

  15. Carolin Ferwerda (LTS) - Blended labs in Econ 103 

  16. Donna Trainor (Chemistry) - Collaborative note taking & reports using Google Drive 

  17. Rebecca Darling (LTS) - Introducing the rest of Digital Scholarship Day!