Google Video E-Reserves

Google Video E-Reserves


Requesting Material

You can request that a playlist be created for your course or that films be added to your playlist via the online Video E-Reserves Request Form. You will be notified when your playlist has been created and each time new films are added.

Note on "Reactivations": Playlists are recreated each semester. To ensure we have an accurate list of videos for your course, please submit the list of films you would like to use via the Video E-Reserves Request Form each term. If you need assistance in identifying films used in previous semesters, please contact

Note: If the library does not own the video you wish to stream for your class, you must submit a library purchase request


Making material available to your students

Once the playlist for your course has been created, you and your course's Google Group will be sent a link to the LTS Reserves site. The Media Playlist will live on that wite within a page created specifically for your course.

We recommend that you make the link to the LTS Reserves site easily accessible to your students by doing one of the following:

  • If you plan on only using your Google Group as a means of providing your students with course materials, we recommend that you create a message containing the link and pin it to the top of your message list.
  • If you plan on using Google Drive in conjunction with your Google Group, you could create a Google Document and paste a link to the site there, then share the document with your Google Group so the students in it will have ready access to the LTS Reserves site even if they delete the original email they were sent.
  • If you plan on creating a Google Site to go along with your Google Group, you can attach the link to a page in your site. We recommend using the existing Resources page, but you can also create a new page specifically for video e-reserves.  To add the link:
  1. Click on the Edit button.
  2. Enter in an explanatory name for the link, such as "Access Video E-Reserves."
  3. Select the text you have just entered and click on the Link button. 
  4. Paste in the URL for the LTS Reserves site:
    Note: Alternatively you can go to your course playlist on the LTS Reserves site and use the URL for that page.
  5. Save the page.

This video e-reserves system does not require a separate login.  When you go to the LTS Reserves site, you can access the playlists for all of the courses for which you are a member of the Google Group.


Questions about using Google for your course videos? Email for assistance or call the ITIT line at x4848.