NCSAM - Cyber Security Tips of the Week


Cyber Security Tip of the Week #4: Recycle Responsibly


Before selling or recycling your computer, make sure you backup and securely erase all data from it.  

Cyber Security Tip of the Week #3: Avoid Phishing Scams

Look for the green “Wellesley College” to the left of the URL before you enter your username and password on these Wellesley sites: Google Apps (; Web Apps (incl. Administrivia); Blogs; Banner (Self-Service and ERP); Financial Aid Calculator; MyWellesley; Sakai;; College website

Cyber Security Tip of the Week #2: Check Your Links

Hover your mouse over a link before you click and look in the lower left corner of your browser to see if it is legitimate.  If an email seems suspicious, use Google and other web sites to see if it is!  Along with the detailed tips indicated here, simply copying the text from an email and pasting it into a Google search can help you determine if the email is legitimate or not.

On mobile phones, press and hold on the link and it will give you information about it.

Cyber Security Tip of the Week #1: Protect Your Passwords

Use different passwords for each site you go to.  Never use your Wellesley username and password for other websites, like Facebook and Amazon.  If you need to store your passwords, do them securely by use of a password manager.  KeePass is a great one to use! 

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