Traveling Tips

Securing Your Laptop When Traveling

Before traveling, follow these steps to ensure that the data on your laptop is secure:


  1. If you have PI on your laptop, you must securely delete it.  College policy prohibits storage of PI on laptops and mobile devices.  For instructions see: Symantec Encryption Desktop for Windows or Secure Empty Trash for Macs.
  2. Make sure your laptop hard drive is encrypted with either Symantec Encryption Desktop for Windows, or File Vault for Macs.
  3. Enable automatic screen lock after a period of inactivity (recommend 15 minutes or less).
  4. Use a strong domain password to lock your computer.  Domain password resets require that you use some combination of letters, numbers and/or special characters of 8 characters or more. Avoid using dictionary words. Instead, use acronyms for things like favorite songs, restaurants or other items known only to you.